Build Custom Rings with Ron Hightower, experienced Jeweler, award winning CAD/CAM designer. Contact Me to Schedule a Free Design Meeting

LONELY MOUNTAIN JEWELRY was established in January, 2000 by Ron Hightower an Alaska born airline pilot.  Trained as a silver-smith turned gold-smith he saw chain jewelry stores selling the same settings from a small number of suppliers.   The result was boring jewelry and unhappy customers.

Borrowing from his airline background he matched space-age CAD/CAM design with the ancient lost-wax process to make innovative, personalized jewelry pieces.  His customers were delighted!  He has served hundreds of people just like you all over the country with custom jewelry for all occasions.

Ron Hightower retired from Alaska Airlines in 2008 and today operates  the original full-custom site,

as well as , full-custom with completed designs that can be customized,

and the newest  featuring completed designs that can be customized on-line during a live session with the magic of GoToMeeting.

Please visit these sites and see the wide range of custom offered.  We have satisfied customers in Alaska, New York, Minnesota, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Connecticut, as well as Alberta, Canada.  We now offer custom jewelry to all 50 states and Canada.

What comes next?  Ron  Hightower believes he has a system that can revolutionize the jewelry industry.  Look for new designs and jewelry processes that build on this system in the near future.  Lonely Mountain Jewelry is dedicated to innovative ways of doing old things.  We need more beautiful, wearable jewelry at affordable prices.

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